Met Gala 2020: 10 boring star dresses

It's better to exaggerate the image for Met Gala (like Rihanna or Sarah Jessica Parker) than to appear in a boring dress on the red carpet.

Traditionally, many celebrities have chosen extravagant outfits for the ball at the New York Metropolitan Museum. But, as on every red carpet, not all guests made the right choice. In our collection – 10 stars, which are created in pictures and do not correspond exactly to the given topic.

Shailene Woodley in Ralph Lauren

It seems to us that their metal suit fits better with the topic of the Met Gala 2016 – "Fashion in the Age of Modern Technology".

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Bella Hadid in chrome hearts

Bella decided to support a friend of the family, Jesse Joe Stark, who wore a ballgothic outfit from his Chrome Hearts brand and … lost. Compared to other star pictures the ensemble of the model did not look good.

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Cindy Crawford in Versace

Yes, the red dress was perfect for Cindy, but it did not fit the idea of ​​Met Gala in 2020 – "Divine Body: Fashion and the Catholic Fantasy".

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Kate Moss Yves Saint Laurent

Kate Moss has not met Met Gala for many years, so many expected the star to make a dramatic return. However, the 44-year-old model opted for a simple cocktail dress that can be worn on any red carpet, but not for the Costume Institute Ball.

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Kylie Jenner with Alexander Wang

As it seemed to the fashion critics, the combination of a dress with a train, black tights and narrow glasses for Kylie that night was an inappropriate option.

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Selena Gomes in the coach

The make-up artist Selena went too far with the bronzer and unnaturally darkened the celebrity skin. Well, the complex dress of the star was not impressed.

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses

Paris Jackson, Stella McCartney and Miley Cyrus

All three celebrities appeared in the clothing of a brand and made no fuss, although their pictures of the dress code on Sunday best met.

Met Gala 2019: 10 boring star dresses